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InboundPHX Presents: Storytelling – The Secret to Sales & Marketing

By October 26, 2015June 30th, 2023Uncategorized

What can marketers do to help enable sales teams sell better and more effectively? This is the question that brought nearly 70 marketers and salespeople together for InboundPHX, a quarterly marketing educational event. September’s session was “Empowering Sales Performance: Giving Sales What They Really Need!”

Robert Wallace, VP of Marketing at Tallwave, spoke about the need for storytelling in effective sales. “Any good story depends on the individual’s ability to tell it,” he explained, emphasising the use of visual storytelling, such as video, pictures, and whiteboard drawings. To improve one’s storytelling abilities, Wallace suggests using a typical story line from plot introduction to conflict to resolution, with the customer as the hero.


As an example of storytelling, Wallace brought up the ad that started whiteboard stories: UPS. The ad shows a man standing in front of a whiteboard, and he talks about the supply chain and all of the different pieces that ensure your package gets to you in a timely manner. He also lays out the basics of storytelling and how that works with selling.

You can connect with Robert on Twitter @robertawallace or

Check out our third InboundPHX speaker later this week, Jamie Glass of Welocalize.

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Larry Levenson

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