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How CEO’s Build Social Media Influence on LinkedIn

By January 31, 2017May 13th, 2019Uncategorized

Executives who implement a LinkedIn strategy gain a true competitive edge particularly since 61% of CEOs have no social presence whatsoever, according to the latest Social CEO reported by

LinkedIn is the top social network for CEOs and investing in your LinkedIn presence can offer a competitive advantage while growing brand value. The real bonus comes from humanizing the brand when the CEO and executives show up. People buy from people first and brands second, so when CEOs become more visible they can often become more likable along with building trust.

Build Social Media Influence with an Effective Profile

Your profile is a key component of your experience on LinkedIn. It’s your calling card when you reach out across your network, and it’s how potential contacts will locate you and understand your role. Having a complete profile is important to show you’re an active participant in the ecosystem.

Some examples of CEOs that demonstrate such likeability and brand authority are:

These leaders may be well-known, but that does not mean the leadership at your company cannot grow their LinkedIn presence to gain a competitive advantage, drive innovation and build your personal brand.

The trend today is for companies to be more transparent. LinkedIn offers the most professional social platform to build brand awareness, share valuable content, and engage with employees, prospects, and stakeholders. It optimizes your ability to:

  • Keep your network fresh and active
  • Strengthen your global connections
  • Know more about people you’ve met or are about to meet

Accelerate Sales with LinkedIn

As a key executive, you have the means and reach to dramatically increase the value of LinkedIn for demand generation, closing deals, and relationship management.

1) Connect with the C-level of your top 100 customers

Business is about people, but nurturing relationships takes time. LinkedIn allows you to efficiently:

  • Establish resilient and direct channels of communication
  • Remain top of mind for your customers and provide them necessary attention
  • Cement enduring relationships
  • Keep tabs on your contacts’ movements, interests, and needs – in real-time

2) Empower your team to leverage your network – at your discretion

Relationships accelerate business – but if your relationships are hidden, they’re of no value to the team around you. Through LinkedIn, you can shorten your team’s path to key decision makers, while maintaining control of their access.

3) Be where your customers are and identify new leads

People do business with companies and individuals they “know, like, and trust.” LinkedIn expands your presence, approachability, and reputation by improving your ability to:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Engage with your customers, partners, and suppliers
  • Activate your customers and allies as brand ambassadors

Top strategies for moving a LinkedIn initiative forward and building a LinkedIn program

  • CEO sets initiative & budget for team
  • Develop team of leaders in organization to implement initiative
  • Recognize possible socially savvy employees to get involved
  • Create a roadmap or plan
  • Determine how to measure success for your organization

Around the world and across industries, top executives who were once convinced that social media wasn’t worth their time, now consider their participation in these networks as essential to their role.

Learn more about the value of LinkedIn for senior executives and how to create your executive profile. Get the LinkedIn Executive Playbook: 12 Steps to Become a Social Leader from LinkedIn, of course!

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