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Google+ Pages Now Available for Businesses

By November 8, 2011April 26th, 2023Digital Marketing, Uncategorized

Google just announced that businesses and brands can participate in Google+ social network through the new Google+ Pages that were launched yesterday.Danny Sullivan over at SearchEngineLand has written a great post on these new Google+ Pages.

You can create a page in one of five categories:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Product or Brand
  • Company, Institution or Organization
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports
  • Other

Things to know about Google+ Pages

  • Whoever creates the page initially will also be the page administrator. No one else will be able to admin that page after them, at first. Nor can that page be transferred to someone else.
  • Multiple administrator support is promised in the near future, but until it arrives, it seems important that if your company has a social media manager, that person should be the one to create the account.
  • Unlike Facebook, there aren’t “vanity” URLs yet available that use a business name rather than a long string of number. The same issue is true of personal accounts. Google provided no update on when this might change.
  • Similar to Facebook, even though you’ll access your page through a personal account, you’ll have the ability to choose whether you want to act as yourself or the business page, when on Google Plus.
  • It’s perfectly fine for a business to have multiple Google+ pages. If you’re a business, you could have a page for the overall business (say Pepsi) as well as for a particular product (say Diet Pepsi) as well as for an event (say the Dew Tour).

Read more in Danny’s post on Google+ Pages for Businesses, and view  Google’s short video about the new pages. There’s also a Google blog post, as well as help pages.

Join us in heading over to Google+ this week you create our company pages.


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