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7 Ways Your Business Can Be Like the Undefeated, No. 1 Ranked, Arizona Wildcats

By January 28, 2014March 9th, 2023Uncategorized

The University of Arizona Wildcats have made history with their best basketball season to date. Going 20-0 (7-0 in conference) so far, this is the season of the Wildcats. Forget your alma matter, for just a moment, to see that the Wildcats have done something extraordinary. By following their lead, your business can be just as successful.

1. Rebuild

Head Coach Sean Miller has spent a good deal of his career at the University of Arizona rebuilding a solid program. He goes back to the basics, recruits a few key players, and coaches by the phrase, “A Players’ Program.” He strives to ensure his team remembers why they play basketball and teaches them to do it well.

As a business, you can do the same. First, go back to the basics by evaluating what your company does well, where you want the company to be, and what you will need to get there. Then, find your weakness, or an aspect you wish was stronger. Look for a key player who is knowledgeable in that field. If budgets do not allow for consulting or additional staff, you can also become your own key player. Going back to what is truly important can refocus your business if it has veered off track.

2. Smart Passes

This season’s Wildcats are one of the most unselfish teams on the court. They ALL pass the ball, and they work together to make smart passes that result in points on the board. Of course, your business needs teamwork, but so does your online presence.

Think of every landing page, eBook, social media update, and email as team members. When a potential customer is looking at one of those pieces of content, that medium has the ball. Now what should they do with it? Pass it. Send the viewer to another site or another piece of content with a smart pass. At this point you might think my metaphor is crazy, but these passes are your Calls to Action. In order for the pass to be smart, the Call to Action must be strategically placed guiding the viewers in the right direction. With enough smart passes, your business will score when a prospect converts into a customer.

3. Make the Easy Shots Count

Free throws are only worth one point in basketball, but they can add up quickly. The Wildcats have been said to convert nearly as many free throws as competitors have even attempted (The Sports Network). By making their free throws count, the Wildcats have been able to stay ahead of their opponents.

The same philosophy applies to business. There is a lot to be done and days can often feel short on time. But being short on time is not an excuse for rushing with potential customer calls or emails. If they have taken the time to call or email for more information, they are in! They are your free throw shot; you just have to follow through.

4. Have Faith in the Young

One of Arizona’s most prominent players is Aaron Gordon (right), a freshman, and 2014 NBA Draft prospect. His talent on the court is extraordinary, but it was a leap of faith by Coach Miller to give him a shot, literally.

With the world of marketing changing rapidly, the fresh faces of college graduates might surprise you with their talents, especially with social media and online navigation. Though they will not be perfect, some recent grads have natural talent that will be advantageous to use.  If you find a good candidate, test them out, maybe as an intern, and see where they can take your company.

5. Project a higher maturity

Though many of the Wildcat players are young, they are seen as very experienced in the sports world, just ask Fox Sports 1. During the Wildcats’ game against Arizona State University, Fox displayed both Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and Aaron Gordon to be 114 years old. They obviously leave an impression they have talent beyond their years.

You don’t want customers thinking you are ancient and out to date, but you want to give the impression you’ve been in the game for a while. Nothing is worse than trusting someone who doesn’t know the first thing about a subject matter. Be confident. For all you know, you are the best in what you do: show them.

6. Take a long shot every once in a while

It’s no secret that Arizona is not the best three-point shooting team, but sometimes the long shots are necessary. When made, the difficult shots rally the crowd and encourage the team. You often need to try new things to improve your business knowing not all of them will be successful. A longshot triumph will motivate your employees and boost morale.

7. See the Past, then Pass it

Records are not easily broken, but the Wildcats stepped up this season, making school history with the best season start since the 1931-32 season (AZStarNet). You also have the power to break your own records. Look back on previous months, understand why something didn’t work, and evaluate how you can make it work for the future. Break your records and let’s see some growth!

It is unlikely that the University of Arizona Wildcat basketball team will finish the season with a perfect record, but they are striving for it. With these 7 tips, you can get your month, quarter, or year started off right. Remember to think Wildcats, and Bear Down!

Images Courtesy of The Bleacher Repot and Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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