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5 [Super] Quick Tips To Keep Your Email Marketing Campaign Alive

By May 22, 2014February 8th, 2023Uncategorized

Not only are emails still alive (as if they ever died), they play a large role in effective business marketing. Some young folks may protest this, but the stats say otherwise. In case you need a little email pick-me-up, here are  5 super quick tips to keep your email marketing campaigns going strong.

1.) Write engaging subject lines

This is often the HARDEST part about writing an email, yet, it is one of the most important. Compel your email recipients to open your email by creating a sense of urgency. Try using humor, being mysterious, or giving your reader a sense that they might be missing out on something good. Using numbers, being controversial, or even keeping it ultra simple can all be effective for getting that killer subject line. Even ask yourself, “Would I open this email?” If your answer is probably not, then there is still more work to do.

2.) Get to the point

Get to the point quickly, and make sure it packs a punch. Does this mean putting your Call-to-action in the middle of your email, or on the side bar? The answer is most likely yes, depending on what you are wanting the customer or client to do, and the type of offer. People want to know from the get go what you are offering, and what you would like them to do. Plus, those reading your email from their mobile device will have less to scroll through to get to your offer.

3.) Use images

In a world of social media, people are coming to the understanding that images are paramount, and make up a huge part of the content being seen and shared. However, the same idea applies to email. Add an interesting image. This will most likely be a call-to-action, but it may not. If a picture can hold a thousand words, that means you may get to write less (woo hoo!), because people are bound to get your point faster when they see the image you have associated with your email. However, please do format a plain text version for easy to read mobile emails. If you need a little help with this check out one of our previous blog posts to get you started.

4.) Personalize it!

Emails are only boring if you write boring things. Tell a short story, add humor, and be yourself. Even when sending emails for B2B marketing you can be assured that it will be received by a human and not a robot. Make sure that your emails are being sent from a real email address connected to a real name. Doing this allows the recipient to email you back and connect with you regarding any questions, concerns, or thoughts they may have.

5.) Track everything

What good is all of this hard work if you don’t know whether or not it’s working? Trial and error will never go away in the marketing world, and it is a best practice to measure the effectiveness of your emails, and find ways to make improvements where possible. The most important things to track are click-through rate and conversion rate; however, there are several other ways to measure your email marketing success. To do any of this you will need a good analytics tool to help (our favorite is Hubspot). Once you see who is opening your emails, which emails they are opening, and whether or not they accept your offer you will be able to create more effective emails.

Have more questions about effective email marketing?

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