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3 Golden Keys to an Effective Engagement Strategy

By July 16, 2013February 6th, 2023Uncategorized

In today’s global and interactive world, we’re inundated with a deluge of information from all corners of the world. As business owners online, we’re competing on a global scale too. It may seem as if we’re glued to our computers like never before, but to be truly successful online or off, it’s those having an effective engagement strategy who are set apart to win. It’s (almost) like what results is, the ‘haves’ vs. the ‘have nots.’ Hmmm. Which would you prefer?

If being on the side of ‘the haves’ sounds a bit more enticing, I’ve got 3 golden keys to help ensure your success. Use these consistently as part of your effective engagement strategy and your ‘have’ status will likely begin to soar.

1) Know Your Audience

Would you walk into a room full of people with whom you’ve never met, whose interests are as varied as the animals of our planet, and attempt to engage them in what matters most to THEM? I didn’t think so. Yet this is what many businesses unwittingly do online. The odds of actually engaging an audience with this strategy, however, are seriously compromised and your results will indeed reflect any efforts you put out in this manner. Conversely, it’s only when you truly know your audience that you can speak their language, address their concerns, and therefore, reach the places that drive behavior.

This is where it will pay huge dividends to do your research and learn who your ideal persona is. You’ll learn what’s most important to them, how they access their information, where they access their information, what forms of media they prefer, and the buzz words that resonate most deeply. Only when you fully understand what drives your ideal customer, can you begin to build an effective engagement with them.

2) Share Engaging, Remarkable Content

Don’t attempt to do this without embarking on the above. However, if you’ve done your due diligence and really know your audience, here is where your engagement strategy really begins to shine.

If you can step into your ideal customer’s shoes and understand what type of content they want and in what form, be it video, audio, visual or the good ole’ written word, your message can then most effectively convey that you understand their pain, and you know how to address it. Creating remarkable content means you’ve identified the very heart of the matter that most concerns your audience, and you’re able to reach your audience in an effective and remarkable way. Lucky for you, your competition hasn’t quite figured this out and thus, do this, and you’ve positioned yourself to stand out from the crowd.

3) Monitor and Respond

This is the golden key that can really open the floodgates of an effective engagement strategy. When you care enough to show up and actually interface with your audience where they’re at, you’ll set yourself apart from the masses, regardless of how superior they might be as far as ??? As easy and simplistic as this seems, ironically, this is where many businesses drop the ball, yet, this is where most people really take notice.

Commit to determine where your audience is hanging out and once there, respond to conversations by alleviating questions and/or concerns. This will also help you gain insights into issues facing your industry, thereby giving you clues as to how to position yourself down the road. Either way, just remember, If you’re the one that’s interfacing with your industry’s audience, at home or abroad, it’s YOU they’ll remember when they’re ready to solve their pain.

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