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18 Tips to Become an Email Marketing Pro

By September 8, 2015February 3rd, 2023Uncategorized

How many emails do you receive per day?  Now ask yourself how many of those emails are now lying unopened in your deleted message folder?  Employees get a TON of emails every day, and unless there is a good reason to click on it, it’s more than likely going to end up ignored.

One of the most important reasons your emails end up deleted is the all-important subject line.  Those 50 characters often mean the difference between your prospects clicking or deleting. So how do you make ensure your email does not end up in the trash bin?  Check out the 18 tips below and start writing subject lines like email marketing pro.

  1. Don’t be pitchy
    Besides the fact that it can trigger spam filters; use of the word free has been so overused most people immediately see it as a sales pitch and hit delete. Also, be cautious of using words like percent off, reminder, and help.  They may not trigger the spam filter but again, they can come across like an over-used sales pitch.
  2. Give Deadlines
    Your prospects are busy, and sometimes using phrases like  “today only” or “24 hour giveaway” will encourage your reader to act now, instead of putting it off until later, when there’s a chance of them forgetting it.
  3. Don’t be a robot.
    One of the easiest ways to end up in the deleted file is to send your email from a address.  Not only does it make it look less personable (therefore less likely for your recipient to open it), it also stops people from adding your email to their address book which keeps you out of the junk mail folder.
  4. Keep your promises.
    Do not try to get your email opened by making false promises. This will irk your audience and probably get you on the dreaded unsubscribe list.
  5. Do not overuse capitalization.
    Only capitalize your letters following grammar rules. Saying “OPEN NOW AND RECEIVE A FREE TRIAL” isn’t going to get prospects to open your email.  It will actually do the opposite.
  6. Make it exclusive.
    People love to feel special and let’s face it they like to believe are getting a better deal than the next guy.  Subject lines like – Exclusive offer for our Top Customers are a great way to entice your prospects
  7. Say what you mean.
    Clarity is sometimes more important than complex, flowery language. The goal behind the email should be clear, unless you’re going for an elusive subject tone to entice your viewer.
  8. A/B testing is a great idea.
    Not sure what type of email subject line is best for your audience?  A/B testing is an easy way to try out variations and see what your prospects prefer. Note: The content should remain the same with only the subject line being different.
  9. Ask Questions.
    Asking a question in your subject line can also draw readers in. Engage with them by asking a question, such as “Are you making these email subject line mistakes?” or “Do you know no one is clicking on your email?” Human nature draws them it to see if they are indeed making these dreaded mistakes.
  10. Solve Problems.
    Your prospects have problems and opportunities they are trying to solve and you have knowledge that can help.  Use your subject line let them know that you can help them solve those problems.
  11. Change your subject lines.
    A subject line shouldn’t be like a lucky pair of socks.  Just because it had great results once doesn’t mean it should be the only one you use.  It’s ok to use something similar once or twice, but keep it fresh to keep your audience engaged.
  12. Keywords/SEO is important
    What?  Wait, this is about email subject lines, not SEO. Well….yes, but here’s the thing.  Keywords that your prospect would search for in Google, will also be the words that will peak their interest in an email subject line.
  13. Take a number.
    Yes, there are tons of email subject lines with numbers, but that’s because they work. And the odder the number the better. For example, 17 B2B Emails Subject Lines that Get Results.
  14. Keep subject lines short
    Most people are scanning subject lines quickly, so make sure to keep yours short and sweet.  This means keeping your subject line to 50 characters or less.  This may take some creative thinking, but it’s effective.
  15. Keep it local.
    Are you targeting a specific area of the country or your city?  Add that area’s name into the headline. Here’s an example, Best of Phoenix: Where to Stay Cool, when it’s Hot!
  16. Be funny.
    People love to laugh and when an email subject line is funny people will click on it just to see what else you have to say.
  17. Be serious.
    As great as it is to make folks laugh remember this, if you know your buyer persona is No-nonsense Nancy, then make sure to tailor your subject line to fit that personality.
  18. Know who you’re writing for.
    The best subject line is going to be the one that is written specifically with your buyer persona in mind.

Writing an attention grabbing, keep clicking subject line is the best way to make sure the awesome content you have created is going to be read.  When writing your next email, make sure to put a few of these 18 simple tips to use and soon you too will be writing subject lines like an email marketing pro.

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