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Media Monitoring Is Essential to Good PR

on September 6, 2012 Public Relations and Tags: , , , , , with 0 comments

Picture this:  You’re a savvy PR Pro handling the media and planning the campaigns that will get your client in front of their target audience.  You know the right things to say on paper and in person, you have a list of great contacts, and you know where your client will be best received.  So, you send out all of the necessary tools you need to push your campaign that will enable your client to reach their public—and then what?

Take time to ask yourself some pertinent questions . . .

How are you targeting your media? And how do you know what you’re sending is getting picked up?

How are you monitoring your media? How else will you know what’s working or not working?

If you’re not monitoring your media, how are you going to credibly report on results when your client wants to know what you’re doing (and whether they’ve hired the right person for the job)?

Here are some steps that will prove to your client that you are the best match for their company:

Create a list of goals—Always be perfectly clear about what your client wants in terms of media attention.  (Goals should be specific, measurable, and doable, i.e., steering away from things like “receive more coverage.”)

Monitor coverage— Make sure all coverage received is in alignment with its competitive business goals. Ask yourself if you are portraying your company the way that you would like to. Are you standing out amongst your competitors in a way that highlights your strengths in comparison to them?

Analyze results— Note differences in coverage between your client and the competition. Obviously, you should always keep up with competitive media coverage relative to industry trends.

Make a plan & implement—Determine your client’s strengths and weaknesses next to the competition. (Check out who’s being quoted, how often, and which products are getting the attention.)

Evaluate—Do this on an ongoing basis so that you’re ready to answer any questions your client may have at any time of the day in an accurate and timely manner.

The time spent on upkeep and awareness is always increasing since there are so many channels that your client can be found on.  Monitoring what you’re doing is a big job especially considering all the other aspects of PR, but knowing the score is essential if you intend to play the game and get winning results.

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