Looking for the Best PR Wire Service? Consider This…

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Looking for the Best PR Wire Service? Consider This.

We get a lot of hits on our blog article comparing PR wire services PRWeb, PRNewswire, Marketwire, and Business Wire. But before asking which service is the best, it might be a smart move to figure out if you should be using a PR wire service in the first place.  And, if so, what type […]

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How to Write an Effective Press Release

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Press releases have gotten a bad rap. It’s easy to see why. When I was a reporter, I saw my share of awful ones — press releases with no useful information, ones so mired in jargon that they were almost unreadable, ones whose sole purpose was to massage the ego of a company chief executive. […]

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Vocus Vs. Meltwater: PR Database Features We Couldn’t Live Without

on December 27, 2013 Public Relations with 1 comment
Vocus vs. Meltwater - Return To Sender

Vocus Vs. Meltwater: The abridged story of our agency’s switch to Vocus and rapid return to Meltwater After two years with Meltwater, I decided to give Vocus a shot for our agency’s PR database and media-monitoring platform. We’ve been happy with Meltwater, but Vocus seemed to offer some additional features and functionality that would be […]

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PR Database Review: Search for the Best PR Platform

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Search For the Best PR Database and Media Monitoring Service

PR Database Review: Meltwater vs Vocus vs Cision vs MyMedia Info UPDATE: Upon further review of the Vocus platform, we have made the decision to return to Meltwater.  Please read the update on the features that our agency couldn’t go without.  Please see link at the bottom of the page.  Here we go again – renewal […]

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Search for the Best Press Release Wire Service

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Wire Releases are a great way to get word out to the masses. Distributing a press release via wire generally includes a posting on the wire site itself, distribution via newsfeeds on authoritative news websites, and direct distribution to the top newsrooms in the country. Wire services vary greatly in terms of features and pricing, […]

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Media Monitoring Is Essential to Good PR

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Picture this:  You’re a savvy PR Pro handling the media and planning the campaigns that will get your client in front of their target audience.  You know the right things to say on paper and in person, you have a list of great contacts, and you know where your client will be best received.  So, […]

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Call to Action!

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Take a look at your website.  Imagine that you are a consumer looking at your webpage.  Now think to yourself, “What am I getting from this?” “Why should I care about what they are telling me?” “Now what?” After you answer those questions, you may be able to decide whether or not your call to […]

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Responding to Negative Social Media Comments

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Sometimes people may have bad things to say about you. On a perfectly nice day, you receive a negative comment on your Facebook or Twitter (el al.) account. Sometimes it’s because of the reader’s mood and other times it’s because of your content. Putting together an appropriate and tactful response is not always easy. What […]

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Crafting a Press Release that Suits Your Client

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Sometimes you find yourself at a loss when putting together a press release and believing that it will actually reach someone. After all, journalists are receiving dozens of press releases per day, and you’ve got to ask yourself, “Will my press release grab somebody’s attention enough to gain coverage?” Anyone in PR can tell you […]

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Reputation has everything to do with PR

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“Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” This definition, released from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), leaves the idea of PR very open-ended. Yet, as open as that definition is, it clearly specifies the importance of relationship building. It is often thought that […]

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