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Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. Big news outlets such as Time, Information Week, and Wired are all writing about the latest attempt to pass a bill that would not recognize our Individual Privacy on the Internet. Should you be concerned? Our world has become so influenced by technology that much of our lives are spent to some degree or another online. We hope these links will help to inform you of the latest changes in our online world.


Good ideas.







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Just Tweet it.







Nike is one of those iconic brands that have a devoted following. They’ve decided to launch the release of their next shoe using Twitter to reserve your next pair of coveted kicks. This is a great example of how big brands are using free technology to simplify their job. Click the image above to get more details.


8 Media Trends






Whoa. As soon as we saw this list, we knew we had to share it. There are so many new technological innovations here that we don’t even know where to start. The one that stands out the most, creepily so, is Audio Watermarking. I’m not sure I want subliminal audio signals sent directly to a digital device that’s sitting on my coffee table while I’m watching t.v. What do you think?


The Other Side








Caution: this find is a bit of a forecast post. Want to know what’s on the other side of that wall in your office? Well, wonder no more. Some brilliant scientists have figured out a way to create a chip that when it’s incorporated into your cell phone, will allow you to see what’s behind that wall! Incredible? Indeed.

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