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Instagram + Facebook

This week Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion. How will this acquisition be tied into the Facebook platform? Do you like it, love it, or hate it? It will definitely be interesting to see how it unfolds. Read about the highlights of the deal here.


 Talk about a Smart idea.

We love seeing creative uses of social media. This week we’d like to share with you a really cool, ahem, smart idea that was put together by BBDO Argentina to roll out the Smart Car on Twitter.
There are so many ways to use social media for brand messaging. The only limits that exist are the confines you put on your brand. How far do you want to go?

Trade ya!







It’s amazing what you can do with your phone. This week we’re featuring an app for all you baseball fans out there. Being that a few of us here at the office love sports, we thought this was too good not to share. Did you know that you can now trade virtual baseball cards with your iphone or ipad? Imagine that. While traditional cards are still available to buy, here’s an app that lets you engage in your passion without ever leaving your couch.









Are you on Google+ ? There’s a lot of opinions on the internet’s latest social network. There are many who argue it’s pointless and others who say that because of Google’s personal search algorithm that you can’t ignore this network. Well, we’d like to share with you the update. They have revamped the look of G+ with a significant redesign aimed at providing users with a more personal experience. Frustrated with the changes? Here’s a write up that helps you get through the latest changes.

 I care.






I care. Here’s a great, innovative tool to use around social causes. The employees at DDB brought this new social tool button to life to use instead of using the ‘Like’ button when raising awareness around sensitive issues. MTV is currently using the button on it’s Voices platform. I think it’s appropriate to care vs. liking a cause that supports victims of natural disasters. It’s an idea that brilliantly simple. Wish I would’ve thought of that one!



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