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Marketing has changed…

And it continues to evolve at the speed of light. The industry is endlessly full of new technologies, fancy platforms, and vendors selling their services. We had a hard time finding anyone who could help companies put it all together, so we started Alaniz. 


Strategic business and marketing plans that get startups off the ground and help established companies grow. More.

Media & Advertising

Start-to-finish digital and traditional advertising campaigns for budgets big and small. More.

Digital Marketing

Make your presence known on the web through search, social, and content marketing. More.

Inbound Marketing

Turn your website into a revenue generator. Drive traffic, convert leads and close sales. More.

Web Design

Highly effective and user-friendly WordPress websites built to represent your brand and get results. More

Public Relations

Generate buzz and get more people talking about your brand both online and off.  More

Alaniz Guide to Driving Website Traffic, Lead, and Sales

Download the Alaniz eBook: Alaniz Guide to Generating Website Traffic, Leads, and  Sales

Make sure you’re not missing any of these features on your website and learn more about how to turn your site into a business tool. 

Download the 25 Website Must Haves!

Alaniz Guide to Press Distribution

Download the eBook: Alaniz Guide to Press Distribution

Learn how to put together and pull off a solid press distribution campaign that will get your company covered by the most influential journalists and media outlets around.

Download the Alaniz Guide to Press Distribution!

CEO Marketing Dashboard

How to Measure and Report Marketing Results: Download the Alaniz CEO Marketing Dashboard

Learn how to implement closed-loop marketing to directly track marketing activities through to sales revenue. Also, download the Alaniz CEO Marketing Dashboard to show bottom line results to the C-Suite.

Download the CEO Marketing Dashboard!


So that you know you’re in good hands…

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Our Perspective on Business and Marketing – Recent Articles

Ban The Booth Babes, Get Qualified Leads At Trade Shows

Ban The Booth Babes, Get Qualified Leads At Trade Shows

If you want to get qualified leads at Trade Shows, ban the both babes. The San Francisco Chronicle ran a story in June indicating that tech companies are moving away…

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You May Not Know It, But Your Marketing Team Needs An English Major

Why your marketing team needs an english major

I was an English major in college. Reading and writing were about the only things I was good at. But the question everyone asked English majors (and just…

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Why Truth is the Best Content Marketing [Tips]

hy Truth is the Best Content Marketing [Tips]

Truth is the best content marketing, especially inbound marketing for the business to business world. What does this mean? It’s not about truth in a preachy way. It…

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Six ways to turn your website into a 24 hour sales person

search online for leads

Done right, a website can be a 24-hour sales person, fielding requests for information, qualifying leads, and converting leads to customers. How? By creating the right kind of content,…

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Inbound marketing for B2B: It’s different and here’s how

Inbound marketing for b2b is different

Inbound marketing for B2B — businesses marketing to other businesses — is much different than inbound marketing for consumers. Businesses are rational. They make purchases when they have to….

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Content alone isn’t king. Quality content is king and it always has been.

inbound marketing content quality is king

People like to say that the Internet has changed everything in marketing. Not so. What the Internet has done is create new channels to access customers and other target…

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Can inbound marketing work in the medical device industry?

medical device inbound marketing case study

Can inbound marketing work in the medical device industry? That’s an easy one. Yes. You can read about one company’s experience in a new case study, “Inbound Marketing Helps…

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How good content covers a multitude of sins

how good content covers a multitude of sins

Many people will tell you that social networking has transformed marketing by enabling businesses to take their messages and their products directly to customers. But you could argue that…

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How inbound marketing taught me to tell the truth

inbound marketing truth

I learned an extremely valuable lesson from, of all people, a landlord—I mean landlady. She has multiple homes for rent. That is her business. She was frustrated by the…

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What is marketing automation and why you should care

What is marketing automation and why should you care

Marketing automation—if you haven’t heard of it, it’s time to get yourself educated (before you have to mumble into your shirt when you boss asks you about it). What…

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How Hubspot changed my life

Alaniz Marketing Blog Stan Adler Twitter Meets Muck Rack PR Pros

How Hubspot Changed My Life I was working for a small company with a big vision—to change the world with a new kind of industrial laser that can machine…

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Meltwater Review 2015: First Look at The New Meltwater Platform

Meltwater Review 2015 New Platform

Meltwater Review 2015: First Look at the New Meltwater Platform Investing in a PR Platform is a big decision and hopefully one that will be a sound investment for…

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