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Marketing is changing…

And it continues to evolve at the speed of light. The industry is endlessly full of new technologies, fancy platforms, and vendors selling their services. We had a hard time finding anyone who could help companies put it all together, so we started Alaniz. 


Strategic business and marketing plans that get startups off the ground and help established companies grow. More.

Media & Advertising

Start-to-finish digital and traditional advertising campaigns for budgets big and small. More.

Digital Marketing

Make your presence known on the web through search, social, and content marketing. More.

Inbound Marketing

Turn your website into a revenue generator. Drive traffic, convert leads and close sales. More.

Web Design

Highly effective and user-friendly WordPress websites built to represent your brand and get results. More

Public Relations

Generate buzz and get more people talking about your brand both online and off.  More

Alaniz Guide to Driving Website Traffic, Lead, and Sales

Download the Alaniz eBook: Alaniz Guide to Generating Website Traffic, Leads, and  Sales

Make sure you’re not missing any of these features on your website and learn more about how to turn your site into a business tool. 

Download the 25 Website Must Haves!

Alaniz Guide to Press Distribution

Download the eBook: Alaniz Guide to Press Distribution

Learn how to put together and pull off a solid press distribution campaign that will get your company covered by the most influential journalists and media outlets around.

Download the Alaniz Guide to Press Distribution!

CEO Marketing Dashboard

How to Measure and Report Marketing Results: Download the Alaniz CEO Marketing Dashboard

Learn how to implement closed-loop marketing to directly track marketing activities through to sales revenue. Also, download the Alaniz CEO Marketing Dashboard to show bottom line results to the C-Suite.

Download the CEO Marketing Dashboard!


So that you know you’re in good hands…

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Our Perspective on Business and Marketing – Recent Articles

Lost in Translation: Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing to Hispanic Consumers

Lost in Translation: Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing to Hispanic Consumers

With a population of 56 million and a growth rate of 163 percent, the Hispanic market can hardly be considered “niche” any longer. Smart companies are building Hispanic marketing…

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Why You Should Have Hispanic Marketing Initiatives

Why You Should Have Hispanic Marketing Initiatives

If you’re not sure if you need to have a marketing program dedicated to the Hispanic market, consider these facts from a recent Nielsen report that doesn’t mince words….

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Marketing Is About Trust, Not Tricks

marketing is about trust, not tricks

Search online for “marketing tricks” and you will find millions of articles and blog posts (actually about 42,100,000 results in 0.34 seconds, according to Google) offering advice for marketing…

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Recruiting the Right Subjects For Clinical Trials

Recruiting the right subjects for clinical trials

We work with several companies helping them recruit subjects for clinical trials for medical devices and pharmaceutical companies. This is an extremely important part of a drug or medical…

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Quick Guide to Medical Manufacturing Terms

Quick Guide to Medical Manufacturing Terms

If you spend enough time in the world of medical device manufacturing, you might think people are speaking a different language. Between engineers, designers, manufacturers and regulators the acronyms,…

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Why Quality Matters in Medical Device Marketing

Why recruiting is so important for clinical trials

In working with medical device manufacturers to help them market their services, generate qualified leads, and grow their businesses, I’ve become fascinated with the industry. One of the most…

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How and Why You Should Outsource Your Lead Generation Program

How and why you should outsource your lead generation program

If you’re reading this, it’s because you want more qualified leads for your business. And you probably don’t have time to do it yourself or with your current internal…

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How to Market Your Medical Device Manufacturing Business

How to Market Your Medical Device Manufacturing Business

What are the Large OEMs Looking For? Contract manufacturers have played a significant role in the medical device industry for decades, and that role will be expanding in the…

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A Sales Director’s Guide to Online Lead Generation

A sales director’s guide to online lead generation

Every business wants more leads. Well that’s not exactly true. Every business wants more qualified leads, and every sales director wants to keep his/her sales team busy following up…

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5 Myths About Reaching the Latino Market

5 myths about reaching the Latino market

You may already know the numbers: the Latino market in the U.S. is projected to grow 163 percent by 2050. There are 56 million Latinos currently in the U.S.,…

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How to increase the value of SEO with Inbound Marketing

How to increase the value of SEO with Inbound

I can’t tell you how many times a client has told us, “We have some guy doing SEO for us, but it’s really expensive and I don’t really know…

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7 Tips for Biotech Companies Afraid of Digital Advertising

7 Steps to take the fear out of digital marketing for biotech companies

For many biotech companies, digital advertising is scary. There are so many products–banner ads, newsletters ads, retargeting programs (the ads that follow you around the web after you click…

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